About Us

Our Stream
The TXSlotAddict stream, born out of a deep love for the gambling world, traces its roots back to a life-changing casino trip in 2011. The thrill and excitement of that experience sparked a passion in me to learn everything about slot machines and their different providers. In 2014, I delved deeper into the industry by becoming a VIP Casino host at the world's largest casino, where I sought answers to all my burning questions.
During my downtime, I stumbled upon Russian and German streamers on Twitch playing slots with their viewers and was captivated by the sense of community and camaraderie. Although I couldn't understand the language, I immediately felt at home. After a brief hiatus from the industry and some distractions later, I found myself back on Twitch, this time watching English-speaking creators. It was then that I realized I wanted to create my own stream, one focused on building a real sense of community and connection with my viewers.
At the TXSlotAddict stream, YOU are the heart of our stream. I strive to show my appreciation for your support in meaningful ways, whether it's through giveaways, smiles, or a simple check-in. I want to create an inclusive and engaging space where every member feels valued and heard. Welcome to our Community!